ZeroZeroZero web series review (2020)

Where to watch: Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

ZeroZeroZero trailer

Rating: 5/5

Time: 8 episodes of 50-55 minutes each

Cast: Adriano Chiaramida, Andrea Riseborough, Dane DeHaan, Harold Torres, Gabriel Byrne

Set on three different continents with characters speaking 4-5 different languages, ZeroZeroZero is a multicultural and transnational tale of the narcotics trade. Reminiscent of famous narco thrillers, such as Narcos and Sicario, what sets ZeroZeroZero apart is its encompassing global story of the drug trade. The buyers sit in Italy, the suppliers are from Mexico and the Americans are the middlemen. As things stand, it should be a straightforward transaction. But nothing is straightforward in the drug trade. Family betrayal on the Italian side and mutiny on the Mexican side means the Americans are in trouble.

Memorable characters shine through in ZeroZeroZero. Don Minu (played by Adriano Chiaramida) is an aging mafia boss wanting to regain past glory. However, his grandson, Stefano, is not completely on board. His betrayal of his grandfather sets in motion a series of events that take place as far away as Mexico, Senegal and Morocco. This directly impacts the Lynwood family of New Orleans who are the middlemen. After the death of her father, the daughter Emma Lynwood (played by Andrea Riseborough), struggles to get the cocaine shipment from Mexico to Italy.

Why is ZeroZeroZero called ZeroZeroZero?

Based on Robert Saviano’s novel of the same name, ZeroZeroZero refers to the nickname given by drug traffickers to the purest form of cocaine. Saviano takes inspiration from the real world to tell the story of international drug trade. He is an Italian journalist whose expose of the mafia has put him on their hit list. He has been under special police protection since 2006.

Is there a season 2 of ZeroZeroZero?

No, the producers have confirmed that ZeroZeroZero was a limited series and there will not be a second season of the web series.