Without Remorse (2021)

Rating: 1/5

Time: 1 hour, 50 minutes

Cast: Michael B. Jordan, Jodie Turner-Smith, Jamie Bell, Guy Pearce

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Without Remorse has all the cliches of a US spy thriller – a Navy SEAL wants to avenge his family’s death and turns rogue. He and only he is able to find out an international conspiracy and in the meantime, the CIA is actively involved in hiding the truth. Based on Tom Clancy’s novel, the story is not very different from hundreds of other spy novels in the same genre. In addition to a predictable story line, the script is uninspiring, with dialogues that you would have heard many times before. In fact, you’ll be easily able to guess the real villain half way into the movie.

Without Remorse is supposed to be the first instalment in a series (similar to Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan movie series) but without a major overhaul of the main story idea and excellent script, there will be few takers for the next movie.

Any good things about this movie, you ask? Michael B. Jordan (playing the main protagonist, Jack Kelly) provides a decent performance effectively portraying the anger and helplessness felt by his character. Another notable performance is by Jodie Turner-Smith, who plays his supportive boss.

It is a forgettable movie. Save your time and watch something else.